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We publish new issues every 3-4 months (or, every quarter okeh?) and while we’re constantly editing, proofing, and compiling piles of content for our next issue, we’re always open for submissions.

Payment for contributors is negotiated on an individual basis, and also includes a physical copy of the magazine they appear in.


For now, each print issue & online maintenance is produced at a loss. Such is the nature of an independent start-up.


Submissions are currently closed.


We'll consider simultaneous submissions, but let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. For written pieces, make sure all submissions are typed, double-spaced, size 12 font, Arial or Times New Roman only. For visual works, ensure they are submitted in high-resolution formats (jpg, png, tiff), at least 300ppi.

Be sure your full name and contact information appear on the submission.

We also accept submissions for our online Weekly Review—shorter pieces of fiction, interviews, essays, & reviews with a maximum word limit of 1000 words.

What to submit

Golem Quarterly Review considers short fiction of any genre. There is no specific word length, however we generally consider stories that are somewhere between 1500-3000 words.

We seek out essays, think pieces, and journalism articles on a wide range of topics. We tend to stay away from political pieces as we do not acknowledge the authority of any government, and prefer to Have Fun, but Think Also. We recommend you pitch an article to the editor before writing as we don’t wish to waste any of your time if the fit isn’t right. A work of 2000 words is enjoyable to read, while 4000 is pushing our limits.

We’re open to most poetry, in all forms, experienced, experimental & otherwise. Series of short pieces to epic chunks of verse. We love words and the way they can sing, shout, and swim. We recommend 3 pages max.

Comix & Visuals & Photography
Though we have in-house comic & visual artists, we also accept submissions of comic strips, one-offs or serials, as well as any loose illustrations you may have, we can always use them as featured images for our literary pieces. We also consider photography portfolios, working alongside the artist to put together visual spread articles based around a certain theme.

We dig all kinds of music, love discovering new sounds, and are always on the lookout for new music & musicians to review, interview, and talk about. Send us your EPs, demos, and rock opera double LPs (digital links or physical copies or otherwise.) 

GOLEM is an art/culture/comix magazine. Our interests are eclectic and as a consequence we consider all written pieces to do with food, drink, architecture, fashion, cars, skateboarding, whatever. Go further with recipes and cocktail concoctions, to informative pieces. If it’s written well and within the word limit, we’ll consider it. Max word count: 3000. 



Hey. Never mind them other art and culture magazines. Dis is da stuff.

This is Golem Quarterly Review—Art/Culture/Comix.

An Australian-based magazine available in print & digital.

Web-exclusive content on the Weekly Review. 

© 2021 Golem Media. All rights reserved & all wrongs writed.

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