Two Excursions & an Existential Crisis

In this week's On the Nose, in the Know & Other News, we look at what it takes to get the Metropolitan Museum of Art to usher their collection Down Under; what Alice Neel has to say about nudes; and the book recommendation that could literally change the world (we speculate).


Renovations & Rembrandt

In a time where overseas travel seems a dream away, Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art has found a loophole and has brought to Australian shores masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Opening this week, European Masterpieces features sixty-five paintings from dating back 500 years. That's good news for anyone who finds the Modernists distasteful. They'll be able to enjoy the refined masterworks by Caravaggio or Titian. For those with a modern taste, Monet's Water Lilies (1916-1919) will make an appearance on the GOMA walls. If you're one of the many part of the 'great migration' (that is the murky post-pandemic movement up north to Queensland), then this is the perfect 'welcome to God's country' taster of the town.