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Journey into Floribundas with Apollo Bay artist,
Sisca Verwoert.


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The unsung genius of film actor, William Finley.


Rayadafloreada: Exploring the Outer Limits

Written by Lucas Collosa / Translated by Xavier Ng, PhD.

Photography by Mauro Barreca

From the Summer 2021 issue

I. Introduction / On the subject of ‘processes’

Rayadafloreada [loosely translated as ‘striped-floral’ in Spanish] is an experimental art duo formed by Julia Trimarchi and Micaela Trombini, from Rosario, Argentina. Rayadafloreada should perhaps be seen as an umbrella term for a series of processes that interconnect songs, sounds, images, clothing, and concepts. It’s a space where art, technology, and science cross over into each other.

From this wide scope of experimentation, Treinteenager was born. It's the first EP by Rayadafloreada – which you'll perhaps be able to listen to by the time you read this article. The title of the album itself comes from a bilingual portmanteau, that of the Spanish word ‘treintañera’ (a thirty-something) and ‘teenager’.

The duo places a heavy emphasis on processes, like scientists gathering data on a distant planet. Take for instance their use of electronics and soil moisture meters. Using the readings of humidity levels in plants and vegetables, they then translate that data into sounds and rhythmic patterns. These are then morphed into soundscapes that are mixed together with songs that speak of generational gaps, philosophy, and precariousness. Such is the unspoken life of the humble house plant.

This journey of collecting numerical abstracts and turning it into music is, as Julia puts it, “the act of translating an inaudible language into an audible one.” This experimentation with the hyper-codified world of sound is a crossing of boundaries, an exploration of the outer limits. “In nature, there has always been this connection between the concrete and the abstract,” Mica points out.

II. Somewhere in Rosario

A small room in Julia's apartment, located in the city centre of Rosario, functions as a bunker for the articulation of these kinds of ideas and projects. They appear on different posters and notes sprawled across the walls, dictating the organisational process and implementation of ideas.

Julia states that “experimentation proposes an opening for different languages to be linked, to meet new forms that begin to emerge. When I’m thinking of a live gig, I feel that I’m also thinking of an installation, a performance. And that forms a dialogue between the limits of languages, between the edges that are erased when they appear in a constant framework. Rayadafloreada is an experiment that has musical moments.”

Lucas Collosa is a writer, musician, and artist based in Rosario, Argentina.

Rayadafloreada's new EP is available on Bandcamp.

Continue reading this article by purchasing a copy of the Summer 2021 issue. Available in print & digital.

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