Onda, Nada

Onda, Nada (sort of translated as “Like, Whatever”) is the first in a series of one-page comix by Argentinian writer/artist Nico. He isn’t the easiest person to track down, as he’s not on the internet anywhere, and it’s kind of annoying. But we love him all the same. For our English readers, we’ve placed a translation below. Please enjoy.

girl on the phone at her desk

And, nothing, man… you know how life is… like, one day it’s all good, the next day, it’s all bad…

…And, like, nothing, that…Flat out with work, and…nothing. What’s up with you?

Riiiight… well…like Heraclitus said: Reality is in a constant state of flux, like, everything changes…

…But, Parmenides said that reality is fixed, and never changes. And… if you put those two philosophies together, the conclusion is, like, NOTHING IS REAL.

Oh, hold on, my battery’s dying…

Anyway, nothing. That.



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