Drink & Read Menu

Thinking of getting wacky on the weekend? Eager to make the rounds at your favourite cocktail bar? Planning on taking a book with you? Then allow us to recommend the perfect literary and cocktail pairing.

The crew at Golem Quarterly Review would like to offer up a few different cocktails as offered in our 'Eat and Read Menu', where cuisine, cocktails, and literary reads are a match made in heaven. The menu first debuted in the Spring issue and today we re-visit two cocktails and literary reads from there, plus a third, new cocktail with a modern-day love tale. So, pull out your zester, pop open that liquor cabinet, and let's get to making cocktails.

The Unordinary Wine

Photography by Polina Kovaleva

Over the course of the last few days, we've been nestled in our couches with a copy of Sally Rooney's Normal People (2020) and a heart-warming mulled wine. The story follows two Irish country bumpkins from different class backgrounds as they graduate from adolescence and attempt to manoeuvre themselves through adulthood. Told in a series of chapters that take place over weeks and months, the characters are drawn together every time, meeting in a different period of their lives. Always, there's a moment of intimacy and revelation. And baggage to deal with. Alas, that's the consequence of young love in the modern world. There's also a delightful trip to the Italian countryside. Rooney's novel is intimate, sensitive. It'll have you grabbing the corkscrew and opening a bottle before the pages are through.