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Our Summer 2021 issue features:

Sisca Verwoert

Peter Ceredig-Evans

Irene Messia

Tajda Tomšič

Henry Rollins

Ema K

Kurt Vonnegut

Ana Flores

Matt Ryan

Kokin Kokambar

Valeria Reynoso

Alejandra Pizarnik


Lucas Collosa

Johan von Huff

Atorina Saliba

...and much more.

Never mind them other art & culture magazines—this is over 90+ pages of full-colour, ad-free, good-time quality Golem content!

From the latest Quarterly

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by Jack Raffin

by Matt N Ryan & Kokin Kombar

by Lucas Collosa

Sisca Verwoert is a painter. She was born in the Netherlands and arrived in Australia back in the 1950s. An encounter with coloured pencils at a young age perhaps sparked her almost innate love and fascination with colour, and by her teenage years she was already painting and studying the Masters.

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Matt Ryan from the Munster Times paid another visit to the Golem Quarterly Review—this time within the pages of our Summer issue. Matty decided to run through each of the “Ten Rules of Rock and Roll”, as per the book written by musician and music critic, Robert Forster; and finding time near the end to lay down his own.

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Like a younger Attenborough perhaps, our man in Rosario has come back to us reporting, in sincere detail, on a young female musical duo that resides there. We wonder if they had taken a moisture meter to Lucas’ head, or some other bizarre musical experiment, to create another hit song or noise composition, or both. Confused? Don’t be. You haven’t even read the article yet.

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